Ad Meliora (Toward Better Things)

It’s the summer of 2019, the sun is beating down on Europe and for students collectively sigh at the prospect of weeks free of routine and academia. I happen to be one of those people, though my break has been longer on account of finishing the last of my coursework relatively early. Although this summer is certainly proving enjoyable, I find myself ruminating on what’s to come – starting university, a new course and life in a new city. My friends have long began their journeys and their advice has been invaluable however I cannot deny that I am feeling a level of anxiety.

I am now starting this blog as a sort of informal way of documenting my journey of studying Scots law and in general – beginning to navigate a wider world. Recipes, tips, tales and reviews will likely make up much of the future this blog may hold. Whilst in the purgatory of not yet commencing the course and having finished my previous qualification, I may take a hiatus until I have further content to post.

See you in September!

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